The Future


Vermont Calls

Over the years we've fallen in love with Northern Vermont, specifically the Northeast Kingdom.  Its pretty easy to do almost anytime of the year.  OK maybe not mud season but....  More than just the scenery, we we've fallen hard for its sense of place, the bond of its community, the strength of its agrarian society and the simple pleasures of a truly rural lifestyle far removed from urban & suburban sprawl that has become all to common in much of the country.  We've spent the better part of 5+ years looking for our NEK homestead and we've finally found her....

And so begins.... Lamoille River Garlic

Located only a few miles from Hardwick, Greensboro & Craftsbury, we found our dream on the banks of the Lamoille River.  ~250 acres of pristine woodlands and fields along with nearly a mile of Lamoille River frontage near its origin in Wheelock at Horse Pond!  It's the blank canvas we've been in search of for our next adventure and so the transition from Pennsylvania is already underway.  More of a deliberate marathon than all out sprint there is much to be done including significant infrastructure improvements to begin in earnest as soon as the weather allows in the Spring of 2018.  We're hopeful to have a portion of our garlic crop on site for the 2019 harvest but anticipate a few years until we'll be a able to call it our year-round home.  In the meantime we were able to plant a few dozen cloves of Sans Creek (German Red) on the property in late Sept 2017.  It only seemed right that if we own property in Vermont it should have some hardneck garlic on it!